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BCOC is Bhanushali Chamber of Commerce, a body set-up by our Matru Sanstha Shree Kutcchi Bhanushali Seva Samaj Trust (SKBSST). SKBSST has always believed in "Jan Seva Eej Prabhu Seva". Taking this motto further for BCOC, Sanhati Karyasadhika, meaning The Power of Unity. Yes we can achieve more by working together.

SKBSST has always endeavor in anticipating future needs and addressing it so that Bhanushalis not only remain united but also remain one step ahead, socially and economically.

Today is an era of networking. Networking is inevitable whether you are a qualified professional or businessman or service provider or you have a great ideas and looking for guidance. Today we do not have any medium by which we can connect with each other, locally or globally.

SKBSST has been deliberating this for sometime and as a result, reached to a conclusion that we need to have a platform which can promote networking within the Community and this idea laid a foundation for establishing a body called Bhanushali Chamber of Commerce (BCOC). As a first step, it was decided to set-up an online technology platform for ?Connecting Bhanushalis Globally?.

BCOC provides a platform to share new ideas within the Community, upskill its members for future readiness, create a strong body of influential members to represent before various local, state and national level regulatory authorities, create job and entrepreneurial opportunities, promote trade and services within and outside the Community, obtain best services at the low cost.

Future plan for BCOC is to create various chapters, location-wise and to also create a facility for the members to create its own association for networking like Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Transporters, Builders, Lawyers, Traders.

Currently, BCOC has set-up an unique online portal which is one stop for all, where all the needs of the members would be met whether there is a need for jobs (Job Portal), or promoting trade of products, services within and outside the Community (Trade Portal) or networking for guidance or promoting new ideas (Member Portal).

To obtain full benefits of BCOC and connect with Bhanushalis Globally, kindly register yourselves and your near and dear ones on this portal.