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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BCOC?

Bhanushali Chamber of commerce, Currently, BCOC has set-up an unique online portal which is one stop for all, where all the needs of the members would be met whether there is a need for jobs (Job Portal), or promoting trade of products, services within and outside the Community (Trade Portal) or networking for guidance or promoting new ideas (Member Portal)

For more detail please visit :

What is a "Trade Portal"?

The trade Portal provides an exhaustive list of sellers of products and services. You can browse through the products and services by categories.

What is a "Responsive Website"?

BCOC Site is built on Responsive HTML5 (the latest HTML standard), designed to respond to the size of your screen and deliver the experience most optimal for it (whether it's a huge 30" desktop display or a 4" mobile phone). It does this by automatically switching between multiple stylesheets that target a specific range of screen sizes (commonly referred to as a breakpoint).

What are the benefits of BCOC?

There are un counted benefits you can gain from it, whether its career guidance for graduates, Job opportunities for Job seekers, or it be Business contacts and marketing amongst the community and outside. Check more on:

How am I allowed to use BCOC Site?

You have to register first to access most of the features of the BCOC site and its modules. The registration form requires a very few mandatory details to verify you as member of Bhanushali community. You can register by clicking this link:

I see approval requires message after submitting the registration form, can I access the site now?

You can still search for members or sellers or buyers using the website, but there are few options won?t be available to you till your new account gets approved by BCOC Site Admin Team. You will receive confirmation emails once your account is approved.

How much time it takes to get the account approved?

It usually takes one day for the account to get approved but if you are in a hurry, you can always contact the support team.

How to search for a member?

Searching a member does not require you to login to the site. You can search a member by its name, last name, his/her native place, address. The default Search is set for a product, you have to change it to Member to search for a member. Enter the search criteria/filter and click on the Search icon .

Is it possible to contact a member?

Yes, you can contact the member if they have set there contact details public.

How to search for a product to buy?

Trade module is built to benefit the community members. You can search for a product or service by entering the keyword for it and then click on Search icon . While searching for a product, you will see two options, Search Buyers and Search Sellers. If you are looking to buy a product, you should select Search Sellers.

How to contact a product / service provider (Company)?

You can search for a Products you are looking for, from search result you will get option to send enquiry option, Once you click on Send Enquiry button, you will get the Enquiry form, here you can provide your contact details, you can enter your query, and click on Send email. Company will receive your query with your contact details, and they will get back to you with the solutions.

How to search for Companies who can be Lead/opportunity for my business?

You can search for Buyers who are interested in products or services you provide. Enter the product or a service your organization provides and click on the search icon. Select Search Buyers and you will get the list of the companies those are interested in your products. You can see send offers by clicking on the ?Send Offer? button which will require you to fill your contact details. Email will be sent to registered email ids of the company who will contact you back if they are interested, or you can directly contact them and go ahead with your deal.

How to register a company?

To register your company in our database, you need to login to the portal, If you are not registered user, please register to the portal following this link:

Registered user can go to my Trade Profile link on top right corner besides the user name. Go to my trade profile, and from here you can register any numbersof companies by providing the required details.

How to add a products / services as seller?

There are two ways you can create your product or service in the portal database. You can either create a new company and then can add Products to the company, or you can Create Products directly without registering a company. In any case your product will be listed on search result based on the keywords you provide on product details.

To create a Product, you need to login to the portal, If you are not registered user, please register to the portal following this link:

Registered user can go to my Trade Profile link on top right corner besides the user name. Go to my trade profile, and from here you can add a Company for a product by providing the required details and then you can create Products to the respective company, or you can directly create products.

How to change/update the profile details?

You can change / update your profile details like phone numbers, contact email etc. anytime, it will not require approval process once you are already approved. To update the profile details, login to the portal, Click on your name at top right corner and select My Profile, from here you can change and update your profile details.

How to Change Password?

You can change your password, by logging in to the portal, click on your name on top right corner, select Change password. Provide the login id, old password and enter your new password and reenter the new password. And click on change.

Hmm yeah... I still have a question. What can I do?

No sweat ? get in touch at We will be extremely happy to respond as soon as possible